Firearm Requirements

Form SAP520
  •  We will send this to you upon receipt of booking deposit
  •  Complete page 2 - E2.1 to E25.4 - Natural Persons details
  •  Complete page 4 - G1 to G5 and G8 thru G9.2 - Import/Export Details
  •  Complete page 5 - I1.1 to I5 - Details of Firearms and ammo
  •  DO NOT SIGN! You do this in South Africa! Also, the date format is year/month/day
  •  Please view this sample E520 for instructions on how to fill out your form
 Click Here for Sample e520 Form

 Proof of Ownership
  •  USA: Custom Form 4457 - We will send this to you upon receipt of booking deposit). This must be filled out and signed by a US Customs Officer before your trip (take your gun to your local international airport's customs office prior to your trip).
  •  UK or Europe: Copy of your firearm license 
Invitation Letter
  •  This Invitation Letter will come from us. You will need to add your personal details and firearms details to the letter.
Airline Ticket
  •  You will need to show your airline arrival and departure details at the South Africa Police Station upon arrival.

Procedures through TAMBO (Johannesburg) Airport

Upon Arrival in South Africa
  •  Exit Plane and go through Passport Control
  •  Go the the Import/Export Office. Next to it is an area marked "Firearms and Security items"
  •  Identify your rifle case and sign for it if required
  •  Collect your normal luggage at the appropriate conveyor belt
  •  Proceed on the Green line through customs
  •  Exit the arrivals hall, look for an Africa Hunt Lodge representative holding sign with your name on it
  •  Take a right and look for the SAP Firearms office, where you will review and sign for your permit. 

What you can Bring

Rifles and Shotguns
  •  Maximum of four (4) firearms or shotguns, not more than one of the same caliber or gauge
  •  Only 200 rounds for each permitted firearm or shotgun will be allowed
  •  No ammunition for other firearms (not accompanying you) is permitted
  •  Firearms must bear the manufacturer's serial number which the firearm can be identified, found on the barrel, frame or the receiver of the firearm
  • Handguns will be allowed into the country but must be used for hunting only which requires letters from hunter and outfitter stating such.
  • Shotguns: only side by side, over/under, or Pump shotguns are permitted 

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