Caracal Hunting

One of the most difficult hunts in Africa
Caracal Ab

Caracal Trophy Fees

Trophy Fees...……

  • $1000

Daily Rate...……

  • 1 Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • 2 Hunters/ 1 PH - $295 per hunter per day
  • Bow Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day
  • Observer Fees - $150 per person per day

Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest Monster South African Caracal any date of the year. The Limpopo Province of South Africa is the premier destination in the World to hunt the Caracal. Year round, we offer hunts for awesome Trophy Caracal. This is not an easy hunt...most hunters will never see a Caracal during the day, so we will mostly spotlight them at night.   This hunt is best paired when hunting all nocturnal species including Civet Cat, Jackal, and African Porcupine.  

Our hunters typically hunt the South African Caracal in conjunction 7 to 10 day African Safari. One of our Experienced and Licensed Professional Hunters will be your guide during your Caracal Hunt, and you will hunt safari style. 

Caracal Permits are limited now, so we will be limited on import permits.  Keep in mind that we will need to apply 15 days in advance for this Caracal permit.  If you don't successfully harvest a Caracal, then you will only pay the permit fee, not the trophy fee.

The Caracal (Caracal caracal) is a medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and parts of India.

Caracal Appearance:

Caracals have a short, dense coat that is reddish brown, and they have long tufts of black hairs on the tips of the ears. Adult caracals can weigh up to 42 lbs. They are robust cats with relatively short legs. 

Caracal Habitat:

Caracals can very well adapt to many habitats. They live in woodlands, savannas, scrub forests, grasslands, and arid regions. They avoid sandy deserts and tropical areas. 

Caracal Diet:

Caracals are strictly carnivorous and prey on small to medium-sized mammals. They are known for their excellent hunting skills, and ability to catch birds in mid-air. They prey on rodents, hares, birds, and small antelopes. List most cats, caracals stalk their prey before killing it. 

Caracal Behavior:

Caracal are primarily nocturnal, keeping them hidden during the heat of the day in their often arid habitats. They’re also very territorial, the size of their territory can vary depending on food availability. Caracals use sent markings and a variety of vocalizations to communicate with each other. These cats are excellent jumpers. They can leap considerable distances using their powerful hind legs. 

Cultural significance of the Caracal:

In some cultures, caracals were featured in folklore and myths. They were very significant in ancient Egypt culture, and were believed to guard the tombs are pharaohs.

Focus on Hunting, Not Just Logistics

We create amazing hunting experiences, with key services included in our fee.

The Hunting product that we offer to our clients is the best in the world. We specialize in Trophy Animals, including many World Record class African Game including Kudu, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Blesbok, Wildebeest, the Big 5 and much more. 

We plan the hunt to suit the requirements of our clients, with a large variety of game that is available. Our trophy hunting rates include professional hunter services, care of trophies and delivery to taxidermy, transfers from Johannesburg International Airport, as well as a memorable stay in one of our 4 or 5 Star South African Hunting lodges. Non-hunting guests are welcome to accompany the Hunters. 

Included with Package

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession

  • Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt

  • Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners

  • Hunting License and Permits

  • Beer, Wine, Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Daily maid and laundry services

  • Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export

Package Options

  • Additional Hunting for other Game Animals

  • Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests

  • Fishing and Bird Hunting

  • Trips to Pilanesberg and Marakele National Parks for Photo Safaris

  • Pick up/Drop off from Johannesburg (Tambo) Airport $250

  • Additional Safari Excursions in our Area

  • Visits to Local Orphanage