Trip Preparation

Prepare for Safari Trip to South Africa

Checklist for your African Safari

Luggage and Clothing
Most Airlines allow 2 suitcases per person, maximum 50 lbs. each. Your gun or bow case counts as one of them. You are also allowed one carry-on bag and personal item. Pack your camera, and one set of clothes in your carry-on just in case there are problems with your luggage. We recommend also putting your binoculars and any other expensive item in your carry-on luggage. 

  •  You will have daily laundry service while staying at our lodge, so no more than 3-4 sets of safari clothes are needed. 

  •  The weather will be between 34-80 degrees, some days, those exact temperatures in fact. For the months of May to August, typically in the morning, you can expect temperatures in the upper 40's, then warming up into the mid 70's.

  •  You want to pack a light coat or jacket, long sleeve shirt or two, short sleeve shirts, pants or jeans, hiking or hunting boots, hat, socks, underwear and/or brassieres 

Safari and Travel Equipment 
Mobile Phone (Call your service provider before you leave to make sure you have international service. We do have WIFI at the lodge, but it can be intermittent (this is Africa). 

  • Bring your Binoculars and Camera of course...other items we recommend are converters (electricity there is 220V, please check for South Africa plug converters at the airport or electronic store), flashlight, pocket knife, extra batteries, extra set of luggage keys (combo locks are best). 

  • Each person may bring 2 guns of different caliber, as well as 200 rounds of ammo per gun. Paperwork must be filled out accordingly (see our rifle import page for more information)

  • There is not any special paperwork for bows, crossbows, arrows, broad heads, can pack in your suitcase or bow case. 

Personal Travel Items 
Sunblock, lip balm, visor or scarf, medication, sunglasses, cosmetics and sanitary towels, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, razor, shave gel, contact lens solution, etc... 

Trip Preparation

6 to 18 months from Trip – Contact your Booking Agent or Outfitter

  •  What time of year do you want to go? 

  •  What budget are you working with?

  •  Who will be in your party: How many Hunters & Observers? 

  •  Check personal documents (Make sure passport and visas are current – for South Africa you need at least 2 blank pages in your passport and it must not expire prior to 6 months of your trip) 

  •  Contact Travel Doctor and establish immunization schedule (if required – not currently in RSA)

  •  Get active! You will enjoy your adventure more the more fit you are  

9 – 12 months from Trip – Work with Booking Agent (Africa Hunt Lodge will assist) for airline tickets 

  •  Check on any CITIES permits required for your hunt, i.e. Leopard, Elephant with your booking agent

  •  Decide on and book any tourist travel, excursions, and car rentals

  •  Apply for visas if they will be needed 

6 – 9 months from Trip – Check on status of CITIES permits required for your hunt

  •  Apply for Proof of Ownership for each weapon you intend to take with you

  •  Check with Booking Agent or Outfitter on required Gun Permits and gather required paperwork for submission

  •  Check cameras to be sure they are working 

  •  Check luggage (zippers/ locks, etc.) 

  •  Check with your financial institution and make sure your bank card/credit cards will work abroad 

  •  Be sure to get written confirmation from your Booking Agent or Outfitter

  •  If you need new shoes, buy them now and begin breaking them in

  •  Practice shooting your rifle 

2-4 months from Trip – Arrange for someone to watch your home / care for your pets / plants

1 month from Trip – Order foreign currencies, traveler’s checks

  •  Pay balances to Booking Agent/Hunting Company if required

  •  Pay any bills that will come due while you are gone 

  •  Make copies of all of your documents; itineraries, packing lists, confirmations, passport

  •  Set up general e-mail account (yahoo, hotmail, gmail)

  •  E-mail copies of travel documents to your general e-mail so that you can access this account while abroad 

  •  Get taxidermy tags from the taxidermist you plan to use clearly labeled with all delivery information 

2 weeks from Trip – Take photos of your luggage

  •  Provide a family member or friend with contact information and copies of your documents 

  •  Call your credit card companies and alert them you are traveling abroad

  •  Refill any prescriptions that are running low

1-3 days from Trip – Take pets to kennel 

  •  Change voicemail at work 

  •  Activate your “Out of Office” message on work e-mail 

  •  Charge Cell phone, cameras, etc. 

  •  Pack chargers and any converters you need 

  •  Pack your trip journal

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