"Trophies of a lifetime thanks to Smith and Wesson and Africa Hunt Lodge. I recently took two of the big-five and two other possible world class trophies with my model 500, 50 cal. Smith and Wesson pistol while hunting with Africa Hunt Lodge near Thabazimbi, S.A. with professional hunters Ewald Ras and Bossie Boshoff. The Cape buffalo fell within 25 yards after only one shot. The gemsbok and waterbuck also required only one shot and fell within site. After over 5000 rounds this gun still performs flawlessly. I hope to return soon to complete the big-five with my Smith and Wesson."

Dennis Limron

Trophies of a Lifetime thanks to Smith and Wesson

"My name is Kristofer Sadeck. I just wanted to express my appreciation to the Africa Hunt Lodge staff and to professional hunter Wikus Stemmet for fulfilling my longtime dream safari on September 22, 2021 to September 30, 2021. The hunting safari experience, the food, the staff and accommodations were world class! The communication upon booking, pickup/drop off from Johannesburg International Airport was flawless!! During my safari I have harvested a monster giraffe, a gemsbok oryx, a golden wildebeest and a common impala!! In addition, I experienced high volume dove hunting in the agriculture fields!! I was fortunate enough to harvest many doves!!! My experience with Africa Hunt Lodge was just miraculous!!!! On a daily basis, I look at the photo albums and travel books that I created from my safari experience. Many of my family members and friends are fascinated by the animals that I harvested!! Next, thank you for celebrating my 30th birthday at the lodge. The cake that was made specially for me was delicious and astonishing!!! Being at Africa Hunt Lodge was my most treasured gift! In the coming years I will return and go on another safari with this outfitter to hunt the cape buffalo!! Thank you, Africa Hunt Lodge, for fulfilling my dream safari!!"

Kristopher Sadeck

Thank you, Africa Hunt Lodge, for fulfilling my dream safari!!"

"Africa Hunt Lodge is the real deal. I just returned from a 5-day hunt and can't say enough positive about the experience. Ewald and his crew at the guest house were friendly and accommodating. The highlight of my trip was my Professional Hunter, Bossie Boshoff. He's exceptionally knowledgeable and safe, and provided invaluable guidance for me, a novice hunter. Looking forward to my next trip back."

Larry Organ

Africa Hunt Lodge is the real deal!

"I cannot say enough about the Africa Hunt Lodge. I was headed to SA for my first time and had no idea of what to expect, when I arrived in South Africa. The hospitality of the Africa Hunt Lodge was beyond my expectations. The PH was very professional and knowledgeable of the area and terrain. As were the trackers who are important to the hunt. They were very knowledgeable and very eager to please. The food was excellent, and the cook was friendly as well. I was very happy with my whole experience at Africa Hunt Lodge. I would not change a thing, and I am going to revisit. My only question is, what to hunt next year??"

Loye J. Keesee

The food was excellent, and the cook was friendly as well...

If you are going are going to spend your money hunting, you want to ensure you get a great experience and great value.  I cannot speak to other outfitters but I can speak to Africa Hunt Lodge.  My own experience was top shelf!  When hunting you want to be put on the game!…Wikus was incredible!  He was super competitive and while he was not the hunter actually shooting…he was focused and got frustrated when he could not get us on game when he wanted….that is the type of PH you want!  You want someone who loves the game of hunting (hunting is finding, tracking and getting ready for the shot…not actually shooting)…He loves the hunt!.  Ewald and his team were awesome.  Great food every night and great company.  If you want to hunt “easy” they are OK with that…you want to really “HUNT”? they love that!…either way…they were great hosts and it was a bucket list experience. I give Africa Hunt Lodge 5+ stars for their service and their program!!!

Chris Mark

A Marine Sniper's Review of Africa Hunt Lodge...

Was absolutely amazing in every aspect from the hunting to the lodge to the food, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, and everyone involved from start to finish could not have been nicer. They went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for you. I had a problem with my black Impala Hyde back at the states, getting tanned, they said it was soft and it was ruined so I contacted aaron & he went out of his way to send me a new hide which was just unbelievable to me, no questions asked just OK it happens sometimes. If I ever do get to go back and I’m going to try and plan on it, there’s no place I would rather go then with these guys right here.

Aaron Wells

They went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for you

I just wanted you THANK YOU guys again for sharing your amazing africa lodge.  You guys have no idea how much I appreciate it.  Couldn't have asked for anything more than what you guys provided.  Thank you all. I look up to all of you daily.

Jordan Hirsch

I just wanted you THANK YOU

Thank you Africa Hunt Lodge team for an incredible ending to our honeymoon, as well as helping me celebrate my 32nd Birthday right! Colleen and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent here especially being able to hang out with Ewald, Wikus and Xander for the Springboks Match. I am thankful for Xander's guidance as a PH...he is extremely knowledgeable and clear with his instructions. I'm grateful for the opportunity to take my Zebra, in what I hope will be my first of many African Hunts. Colleen and I felt very welcomed and accepted by your team and are excited to share our experiences and try to send friends your way. We'd like to thank Alta for the Birthday cake she made for me as well as sharing her cooking, as every single think we ate was delicious. Once again, thank you for all you've done. We will see you again in the Future!

With Great Thanks

Josh and Colleen Moore

An Incredible Honeymoon and 32nd Birthday

I hope all is well. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a month since being in your beautiful country and enjoying your hospitality on our amazing adventure. Even though we said it was a once in a lifetime hunt, we’re already saving for the next one! Hunting with Xander and Suisse was fun and exciting, and  even though I’ve been hunting a long time I felt like a newbie around those two. I really learned a lot. I just wanted to thank your staff for making it such an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Robert Herrera

Even though we said it was a once in a lifetime hunt, we’re already saving for the next one!